Quote of the Day

“Once we decide to look at ourselves, we may experience ourselves as wretched, in the most profoundly degrading situations, or some of us may have brilliant and good situations happening, too. Whatever arises, we look at ourselves, either based on hope or fear, whatever there may be. The important point is looking at ourselves, finding […]

Poetry Friday

LONESOME CORNER I went down to the corner. I stood there feeling blue — I used to go round the corner, Babe, and call on you. Old lonesome corner! People pass by me — But none of them peoples Is who I want to see.   — Langston Hughes (1902 – 1967), African-American poet, novelist and […]

Letter to my parents …

I’m avoiding a conversation I haven’t wanted to have, because I’m not really ready to talk about it yet … But to be fair to the two of you, I feel like I should let you know. Kim and I did decide to get a divorce, and filed in early February. Since the divorce was […]