Oh, my achin’ back!

Crashed hard on Sunday at the bottom of the Corner Chute … not exactly sure what happened … the chute itself was probably a little bit beyond my capabilities, but I managed to make some turns, a couple side-slips and made it to the bottom without falling.

So, then comes the wide, flatter run-out at the bottom, where it merges with Shaft and back into Broadway down to the base of the mid-mountain Summit lift; I opened it up, and all of a sudden was out of my skis, somersaulting through the air.

Didn’t hit anything, so I must have caught an edge … but it was an interesting tumble nonetheless.

My back is still aching 4 days later, which may put a serious crimp in my original plans for this weekend. So for now, I take it easy … watching TV, flat on my back, and hope that things loosen up.