From The New York Times:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton jumped into the 2008 presidential race yesterday, immediately squaring off against Senator Barack Obama and the rest of the Democratic field in what is effectively the party’s first primary, the competition for campaign donations.

“I’m in,” Mrs. Clinton said in an e-mail message to supporters early yesterday. “And I’m in to win.”

If successful, Mrs. Clinton, 59, would be the first female nominee of a major American political party, and she would become the first spouse of a former president to seek a return to the White House.

Those who know me know that I’m not a fan of Hillary Clinton; I’m pretty steadfast a Democrat, but there are two members of the party whom I simply cannot stand. One is Dianne Feinstein (former mayor of San Francisco, and current senior U.S. Senator for the State of California). This other is Hillary Clinton. Loved Bill, can’t stand Hill.

Thankfully, Barack Obama is in the race as well, and will hopefully make a real run for it. We need a change in this nation, but extending a political legacy by electing another ex-president’s family member is NOT the way to do it, especially not someone as controversial as Hillary Clinton.