As planned, went snowshoeing last night with Steve W., Amy A., Jenny A., and Dan & Karen N., up at Mueller Park, in Bountiful. The temperature was 11 when we started, about 7:30; not sure if it got any colder while we were up there or not. Out about 2 hours, not sure how far we went distance wise …

One the way up, we met some people who had built a fire in the middle of the trail … seemed like a great family outing. Then, on the way back down, the family was gone, but the fire was still blazing away. Can’t believe they just left a fire burning unattended in the middle of the woods.

So, we did the best we could to douse it, dumping Camelbaks, throwing snow on top of it, etc. Not sure we got all the embers out, but at least it wasn’t still blazing.

Then back to Steve and Amy’s for pumpkin bread, wine and beer, and a nice, warm relaxing soak in the hottub.


Amy, Jenny, me, Dan and Karen

Steve, looking at tree.