From AFP via Yahoo!News:

NEW YORK (AFP) – American cyclist Floyd Landis is seeking to raise two million dollars to fund a fight to clear his name of doping charges.

Landis, who is expected to be stripped of the Tour de France yellow jersey for testing positive after the 2006 race, said the money is needed to cover legal fees and expenses in connection with his defence.

“Despite their lack of adherence to individual rights and due process … the sports bureaucracies pursuing Floyd are funded in large part by multi-million dollar grants of US taxpayer dollars and have financial and human resources that far outstrip those of even a professional athlete of Floyd’s accomplishments,” said Landis’s spokesman Michael Henson.

What’s the deal here? The Floyd Fairness Fund? I thought this was supposed to be the “Athletes Fairness Organization”, raising money to help all athletes “wrongly” accused of doping, not just a scheme to raise money to pay for his own defense.

How about a Free Sager or Free Bart Fairness Fund?

These guys, who are competing at the grassroots level, for not a whole lot of money, are the ones who really need assistance. These are the guys who will suffer the most by the screw-ups by USADA and WADA.