Millcreek Snowshoe …

Went for a nighttime snowshoe outing with the Mistress, Cutthroat Jenny, and Indohran/Slohran (who pretty much went out on his very first snowshoe excursion tonight).

Not only was this Slohran’s first outing on snowshoes, but he went out and bought snowshoes and boots today before giving the whole thing a try. This means, of course, that the Mistress and I will have to keep shoeing with him, so that he doesn’t feel like he wasted his money.

This also means that my legs will continue to get worked, but that I might hit the spring with some strength and basic fitnes.

We went up Mill Creek Canyon, and parked at the winter gate near the Terraces Picnic Grounds. 1.7 miles up to Elbow Fork, then about another 1.25 miles up towards Lamb’s Canyon Pass … and then back down (of course).

We only had to use the lights once or twice, when adjusting straps on the snowshoes; otherwise, the nearly full moon and the alpine glow off the snow lit our way.

As expected, my legs are worked.

Started about 6:30, and got back to the car at about 8:30-9:00, then over to Slohran’s for beer and chips; we worked hard and we deserved it.

Pics below.

Julie, Jenny, and a slightly washed-out me.

Jenny and Matt

Julie and Matt (dazed by the headlamp I hadn’t turned off yet)

Matt Ohran

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