I have now gone completely bat-shit crazy.

My mom has this uncanny inability to let more than 5 minutes pass without saying something … she maintains a constant running commentary about pretty much anything and everything at all times.

Next year, if I come back down, I’m flying in on 12/24, and flying home on 12/26. No more of this 8-9 days shit, because I can’t take it.

I think I’m really going to need my counselling appointment on the 28th (the day after I get back to SLC), just to vent, if nothing else.

I’m not doing a very good job of letting go, as Pema Chödrön suggests.

The rain today didn’t help. Tomorrow, it’s supposed to be mid-60s and sunny … I think I’m going to get out for as long a ride as I can possibly take, just to work out some frustrations.

One friend just suggested hookers and cocaine … I’d consider it, but I gave up cocaine 15 years ago, and it just seems like one should go with the other … since I won’t do one anymore, I can’t do the other.