So I’m off …

Off to Arizona for the next several days.

Sitting at Salt Lake International Airport now, on a really decrepit WiFi connection that’s costing me $10.00 for a whole lot of frustration, and not a lot of service. Hopefully, I’ll actually get to post this blog entry before things crap out completely.

Delta’s terminal sure looks nice, but I wonder what the service will be like, considering that they’re in the midst of bankruptcy. I do know that I was NOT able to convince the skycap to not charge me the $100.00 excess/oversize baggage charge to bring the bike. I was prepareed to tip $20.00, but he got nothing … mainly because he disappeared before I could tip him after bringing the bike in to TSA for screening so I could lock the case.

Got several books to read while I’m down there, if the weather is shitty. Got my laptop and cellphone to stay in contact with my sanity here in SL,UT.

So we’ll see what happens.


  1. yeah.. i had the same problem. Bastards!

    have a fun time riding your bike! i’ve been going to the gym at 5:30 religiously.

    staying sane… snowshoeing when you get back!

    ho ho ho! have a nice xmas!


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