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Working the legs …

Pal Scotty and I went up to Brighton, to use the “free” passes I won in a silent auction to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation a few weeks ago.

Since Friday night, there’s been about 2 feet of fresh powder dump all over the mountains, and it’s still snowing now. The avalanche cannons were going off all day long, which should give some idea of how sick it was up there … and this for my first day of the season.

During early runs of the day, I spent a fair amount of time face down in knee-deep powder, but later in the day, as my legs were remembering what to do, I was able to make a few less flawed runs.

I really need to take my boots in to get them custom fitted, though … the foot pain I’m getting early in the day is almost enough to kill the enjoyment altogether; again, after much fiddling with buckles, I was able to get fairly comfortable later in the day, but it should be comfortable from the beginning.

Equipment used:

So now the first day is done … and my legs are worked. Off to Arizona on Tuesday for 8 days; taking the road bike with me … really hoping to put in some miles to build a little base fitness, and get my legs back in some shape to attack the mountains again when I get back.

Picked up my 11-Pak pass to Solitude on the way back down the canyon, and passed a really nasty looking head-on collision that was in process of getting cleaned up … no ambulances, no drivers, just two trashed Subarus and two Salt Lake County Sheriffs. Looked really nasty, but can’t find any news about it to find out how serious.