Catching Up …

Another day, another week done. Communication day yesterday wasn’t too bad … when it comes to basic raises, it wasn’t as good as I was hoping, but wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. MS did announce a small bonus (on top of our normal annual ESOP match), of which I will be putting 10% into the 401(k), so save a bit on taxes, and goose my savings by another few hundred dollars.

Next week, I’m off to Fountain Hills, AZ for 8 days to visit one of the Scottsdale branches, and to visit my mom and stepdad for the holidays.

I will, of course, be taking the laptop with me to keep everyone informed about the craziness. Also planning on taking one of the bikes and getting in some base miles, to try and build up some basic fitness.

Got an appointment booked with my therapist for the day after I get back from AZ to vent my expected frustrations … or to talk about how well it actually worked out … we’ll find out when it happens.

It’s dumping snow outside right now, and pal Scotty and I are planning on skiing on Sunday, at either The Canyons, up in Park City or Brighton, up Big Cottonwood Canyon, depending on snow conditions.

Can’t wait to get out there, even if I can’t buy a good turn to save my life.

Also looking forward to using my new Atlas snowshoes. I had an absolute blast last year snowshoeing in Mill Creek Canyon, and can’t wait to get out there again this year.