Cycling Skiing Snowshoeing Utah

A pretty good day …

So yesterday was the final race in the Utah Cyclocross Series; dropped out again … shoulder still bothering me from my crash last week, and between the emotional rollercoaster I’ve been on, and the gunfire from the freaks dressed in buckskins and coonskin caps doing target practice into the Sand Hill, my head just wasn’t it.

Still … it’s hard to believe it’s over until next October … I did get a bit of recognition at the after party, which felt good after the ups-and-downs of the past several days, and Dr. Bart (yep, he’s a Ph.D. now) thanked me for the letter I wrote to VeloNews last week.

But today was different.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a day as good as today.

Slept in, still not much snow, so I was really at a bit of a loss what to do with my day. Thought about going up to Solitude Nordic Center for a little cross-country ski action.

Talked to the Mistress for awhile this morning, and was inspired to actually get out and ride my bike … only about 10 miles, around the horseshoe in City Creek Canyon, and then along 11th Avenue out to the University.

Then came back home, ate some mac and cheese, and went to meet the Mistress at REI to check out skate skis and snowshoes. We then headed down to Wild Oats to pick up some soup and bread and went to the Damsel‘s house to hang out for a little while and bring a little good cheer … it’s been a rough week for her, after losing one of her cats (and as I’ve told her, I know they are never “just a cat” … they’re members of the family.)

It was wonderful seeing the two of them.

The Mad Traveler has been posting again. Reading of her travels and experiences are proving inspirational as well.

All-in-all, despite a few difficult moments, today was a good day; and one good day will eventually lead to two, and then a good week, a good month, and a good year.

I have no illusions or delusions that today signifies a turnaround, but any good day is a good day, and that’s enough for now.