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Trapped in USADA Hell

From VeloNews yesterday:

[USADA General Counsel Travis] Tygart said. “Arguably, her first violation – missing a post-race test – might not even have been a violation in the U.S.”

Tell that to Jason Sager and Cale Redpath (who both missed tests at the Deer Valley NORBA, due to USADA failure to follow their own rules regarding posting of randoms and making a chaperon available to escort riders to the testing facility), and to Bart Gillespie (who missed a test at the Michelob Ultra GP Cyclocross, in Gloucester, MA).

So Mr. Tygart, does this mean that we can now expect Jason and Cale’s bans to be lifted, and for the case against Bart to be dropped?

I’ve met both Jason Sager and Bart Gillespie on a number of occasions, and while I’d hardly say that I know them, they both strike me as the least likely to ever use any sort of performance enhancing drugs or other banned substances. Heck, Bart won’t even drink a beer post-race! And yet, they’re both wrapped up in USADA Hell, while Genevieve Jeanson, who has tested positive, who has missed a test, who has had a doctor testify that he gave her EPO (albeit later recanted) will shortly be able to race again after her lifetime ban is reduced to 2-years.

What’s next? Can we expect Tammy Thomas’s lifetime ban to be lifted as well?

Update: I made the VeloNews web letters page.