I love Audrey Hepburn. And Fred Astaire is pretty much the suavest (most suave?) man who ever lived (although personally, Gene Kelly is better looking, as good a dancer, and has a bit more of a bad-boy quality).

Needless to say, the following exchange from the movie Funny Face resonates with me pretty heavily.

“Frankly, dear, your modesty reveals to me, self-appraisal often makes us sad,
And if I add your funny face appeals to me, please don’t think I’ve suddenly gone mad.

You have all the qualities of Peter Pan. I’d go far before I’d find a sweeter Pan.”

I love your funny face
Your sunny, funny face.
For you’re a cutie
With more than beauty.
You’ve got a lot of
per-son-a-li-ty for me.

You fill the air with smiles
For miles and miles and miles
Though you’re no Mona Lisa
For worlds I’d not replace,
Your sunny, funny face.

I love your funny face
Your sunny, funny face.
You’re not exotic
But so hypnotic.
You’re much too much
If you can cook the way you look.

I’d swim the ocean wide
Just to have you by my side.
Though you’re no Queen of Sheba,
For worlds I’d not replace
Your sunny, funny face.

Music & Lyrics by George &amp Ira Gershwin, Copyright © 1927.

Of course, I hate that it took a stupid Gap commercial to get me to watch this movie again.

I think I need to rent An American in Paris again … gotta get a Gene Kelly/Leslie Caron fix.