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Utah Cyclocross State Championships

Utah Cyclocross State Championships later this morning at Wheeler Farm. It’s cold and rainy, and very likely to snow later.

Perfect weather for a cyclocross race. I’m so happy I could cry.

Now … the goal today is to finish. I don’t care if I’m DFL, but NQDFL would be a bonus.

I do hope that both Sager and Bart show today … thankfully, UT CX isn’t a USCF sanctioned event, so we can give the big ol’ mid-fi to USADA.

Update: 5:44 pm MST / 12:44 am UTC

Mission accomplished. I finished. Sager and Bart both showed and raced. Great cyclocross weather (cold, windy, rainy). And tacos from Lone Star Tacqueria afterwards. Could it get any better?

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