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What the fuck?


Local mountain bike pro (and kick-ass ‘crosser, even if Bart is still a little better) and vegetarian, Jason Sager, just got suspended for a year for failing to show up to a doping control at Deer Valley this summer.


Good thing he didn’t blood-dope, inject himself with EPO, slap a testosterone patch on his nut-sack, or anything like that, or he might have gotten off Scot-free!

After all, missing a test is a sin of the second-worst calibre and gets you banned for the same amount of time as juicing with meth but testing positive for ephedrine gets you 9-months and testing positive for THC (marijuana) only gets you 3 months.

Missing a single test at a competition should not get you a 1 year suspension. Yes, it’s against the rules. No, it does not mean that the athlete involved is doping.

Missing a test (at least missing a first test) should result in a warning and higher scrutiny. If a suspension must be involved, then keep it short, like a positive test for an actual ILLEGAL substance like marijuana.

Just more proof that USADA and WADA have their heads up their collective asses.