CX, Burritos, Dizzy and Chairman Meow

After today’s UT CX race at RMR, Indohran, the Gallaghers, Brownie, A-Train and I went to Barbacoa at 9th and 9th for lunch (although, it was more like breakfast for me, even if it was 3:00pm).

Standing in line behind us? Utah’s own Dave Zabriskie, wearer of the maillot jaune in the 2005 Tour de France.

And I was more thrilled by the Save Chairman Meow t-shirt, buttons, and catnip that Train’s pal Wendy Chao (whom I’ve never met) sent me.

A beautiful day in the sun. The Mistress didn’t get lapped. A-Train got 4th in his race. Brownie was so fed-up with his performance in the C-flite, he decided to race the A-flite as well. Wasmund is an animal (finishing 2nd overall in the B-flite on his singlespeed, yet again).

Speaking of Wasmund, he and wife Amy made a great JFK & Jackie O. at last night’s Cutthroat Racing team party. Wish I had gotten pictures, but the camera stayed with Kim, and I’m not sure if Steve had anyone take pictures of the two of them.

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