Living to Eat, Rather than Eating to Live

One of the interesting things about depression and medication is getting the dosages and timing right. I know that most antidepressants take several weeks to really start working, but the side-effects start hitting you pretty much right away.

So how do you mitigate the side effects?

After my initial few days at the introductory dosage, I moved up to two pills per day; I’ve always preferred to take my meds all at once in the morning, rather than trying to remember to take them at various points throughout the day.

Generally, this has worked well for me. Except that I’ve been finding over the past week that I’d start to crash around 3:00 pm … and be really anxious late in the day and during the evening.

So yesterday, I just took one pill early in the morning, and took the second around lunchtime … and ended up having a better day all around.

I don’t know if this is due to having actually gotten out on my bike and riding 20 miles, due to spreading out lower doses of the meds, or just because it was a weekend, and I really didn’t have to function too well if I didn’t want to …

In any case, I felt like I’ve had the easiest day in quite some time, so I’m gonna stick with the newer med schedule and see what happens.

I also got hungry yesterday … really hungry.

While out riding with my friend Christine, we rolled past Goodwood Barbecue, in Draper, on 123rd South just east of I-15. The smell of the smoked meat was so wonderful, I drove back down after my ride to get lunch.

The meat was really good, excellently smoked and very flavorful. The sauce, despite their claims of “made-from-scratch”, tasted like your basic store-bought KC Masterpiece, or similar institutional sauce.

Will I eat there again? Absolutely, but I’d really like to see them come up with their own special house BBQ sauce.

It was really nice to eat something because I really wanted to eat, rather than just for subsistance.