Slowly But Surely …

Slowly but surely, I’m getting back on the bike this spring (now summer, if you believe the thermometer, rather than the calendar).

Since I moved to Utah in January 2002, it’s been extremely difficult for me to motivate to get on my bike on a regular basis … after years of riding just about every single day in the Bay Area.

I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that Utah has seasons and temperature extremes, which San Francisco does not. So when you don’t ride through the winter and put on several thousand pounds (okay, 10-15 or so), it’s hard to get motivated to go out and suffer in the spring.

Then when the thermometer starts heading upwards of 90 and veering rapidly close to triple-digits it becomes yet another obstacle to overcome.

And these days, I’m pretty weak.

Joining Cutthroat Racing last year helped, but I’ve still been having some problems riding consistently this year … even last year, I spent more time hanging out and drin…guarding the beer than actually riding my bike.

But I’m getting there … I haven’t been as diligent about going to the various ICUP races ($3.00/gallon gas doesn’t help!) and I’ve been riding with pals Julie and Christine the past few weekends, but they’re kicking my ass.

Their so-called “recovery” rides are a good day’s workout for me … but slowly and surely I’m feeling the bug again.

Christine and I talked on Sunday about setting little goals … I’m going to ride to 90th South. I’m going to ride to Draper. I’m going to climb up to Point of the Mountain. After a couple weeks of achieving small goals, the fitness starts to come back, and it all gets easier.

Now, I just need to make the second non-weekend step.

At least I’m not running into the same problems that Psycho-Cross Art has been having …

Team meeting tonight, 6:00 pm at Uinta Brewing Company.

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