Motherfuckin’ sonuvabitch!

And stupid motherfuckers, at that.

My Trooper got broken into last night … the “thieves” smashed the front passenger window, knocked my roof rack all out-of-whack, and tried to steal my stereo, breaking my dash in the process.

They didn’t succeed in getting the stereo, which was held in by two small Phillips-head screws. Seems like any thief worth anything would carry tools for such an event.

They also didn’t steal my way-too-expensive bike, my extra set of Campagnolo wheels, my tools, my CDs, or any of the vast number of other items that were just sitting there in the open, in my now-unlocked SUV, with the alarm turned off.

Fuckin’ idiots.

And I am one lucky bastard to get off with only a broken window and dash.

Cops were called; they didn’t even want to come out to the house to “investigate”, just wanted to give me a case number over the phone. I convinced them to at least make a cursory inspection, then called the insurance company once I got my case number.

Glass has been replaced. Broken glass has been vacuumed out. Bike is back in the house under lock and key … and the alarm is now turn on, and will remain on in perpetuity.

The only thing left is to get the dashboard fixed, which should happen in the next week or so, once I get the estimate done and approved by Liberty Mutual (or Liberty Seguros, for our Spanish-speaking cycling fans).

Still can’t believe how lucky I was, though.

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