Good Friends and Snowshoes

Had plans to go cross-country skiing with a number of my teammates on Saturday, but flaked due to various reasons; the main one being cat-related. Felt really guilty about it … and guilt is what I do best, it sometimes feels like.

So when the invitation was extended to go snowshoeing in Mill Creek Canyon yesterday, I jumped at it, despite the fact that we were in the middle of a big snowstorm.

Met up with everyone at Kirkham’s about 3:00, where we picked up some Atlas snowshoes, and Black Diamond extendable poles.

Hiking up the Pipeline trail was steep and hard; a good workout, but when we hit the ridgeline and traversed around, I was amazed at how beautiful it was.

Of course, as late as we started, the sun went down on us as we were shoeing back down the trail. One of the great things about snowstorms is the how clean they make everything look. Another, even better thing, is that even when it’s dark, there’s a bit of a glow coming off the snow, generally reflections of the ambient light, so it appears like twilight, even when it’s completely dark.

It’s absolutely beautiful, and a trail I’m going to hit again, if not on showshoes, then definitely as a normal hike come springtime.

Today, we’re going up to Snowbasin to ski. C & J will be doing the freeheel thing on their telemark equipment, while their friend K and I will be sticking to the groomers on our normal alpine equipment.

Should be another great day in the snow.

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