Getting Nordic …

So, after giving snow-shoeing a try up at the Solitude Nordic Center this past Wednesday, I went up again today to give XC skiing a go-round and take a lesson.

It’s tough. Very aerobic. Hard to stop.

Had problems slowing and stopping on the few downhills because I overtorqued my left knee on Christmas Eve when I caught an edge on my alpine skis, and basically tried to rotate my left foot backwards at the knee.

I thought XC would be low-impact, easier for the knee to take, especially after snow-shoeing went so well on Wednesday, but in order to properly snowplow on the XC skis, I needed to put pressure on my inside edges … Because of the knee, this wasn’t happening right.

Something I will definitely be doing again.

Good workout. Lots cheaper than downhill skiing, and while not AS fun as doing the alpine thing, it was still fun.

More later.