Yet another incredible day at Solitude

Went up to Solitude yesterday with a friend who has a season pass, after the beginnings of a storm came through and dropped 2-3 inches of new snow.

When we got up there, he saw the conditions, and let me borrow his pass to go do a couple of runs to see how I liked it, because with his Burton race board, he knew he would not have a good day. Did a couple runs from the top of Eagle Express, and then headed into the lodge where he was hanging out.

Tried to convince him that the conditions weren’t as bad as he thought, but he decided to take the UTA back down the canyon and head home … letting me use his pass for the rest of the day.

Ain’t nothing like sking for free … especially when it’s snowing and dumping fresh powder all over the mountain all day long, and while the conditions may not have been great, with a lot of junk snow being filled in by the fresh powder, I still had fun, even though I don’t know how to ski powder, junky or not.

Before he took off, we met some people from the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation, who explained a little bit about what they do to help educate people about the canyons, leading tours, etc. Sounds like a great cause, worthy of consideration for your charitable dollars.