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Now THIS is ‘Cross!

Cyclocross is a niche sport within a niche sport. Most people don’t get it, and that’s understandable … riding what amounts to a road bike (albeit with fatter tires) off-road in the rain, snow, and mud just doesn’t appeal to the fair-weather rider.

But sometimes, seeing what it’s really about can change some minds.

So, there’s this guy named Logan Hudson who races ‘cross for Independent Fabrications grassroots team. Logan is a scruffy, hairy, tattoed sort of guy who’s got a kick-ass blog, that really shows what ‘cross is all about.

You gotta check out the videos, especially the one from the first day of the Michelob Ultra Gran Prix of Gloucester in Gloucester, Massachusetts. This race was part of the Crank Bros US Gran Prix of Cyclo-Cross series.

This is what got me into cyclocross. This is why I involved myself with the Utah Cyclocross Series … I started volunteering, then I started racing.

I suck, and I don’t care! Because this sport is all about having fun, in the shittiest weather conditions, when you wouldn’t normally be out on your bike. It’s a sport for crazy men (and women) … a sport for the Flahute!