Got an email yesterday from Johnny Boyd, former singer of Indigo Swing, which was one of San Francisco’s top swing/jazz/jump small bands back in the late 1990s. Johnny released a solo album in 2000 or 2001, after leaving the band, which is one of the best vocal albums I have ever heard; mostly originals. One of the songs, “Angie’s Song (Baby Don’t You Know)” was the first dance when Kim and I got married in October 2001.

I’ve been buggin’ Johnny for years to find out when his follow-up album will be ready. He’s had a teaser of one of the songs up for months.

So, the email that I got yesterday, linked to a teaser of a second song, and based on what I’ve heard so far, this new album is going to be incredible, just like the first.

Johhny Boyd, in my opinion, has what it takes to be the Frank Sinatra of my generation … but better, because Johnny can actually sing, and Johnny writes a lot of his own songs.

So go check out Johnny’s site, buy some music from the man, and prepare yourself for the new album. Anticipation is a very good thing.