Cycling Trooper Tales

More Trooper Woes

Well, not really, but I did have to call AAA yesterday to get a jump-start because I killed my battery on Friday evening.

Got it started, then headed out to AutoZone to get a new battery. Problem with the new battery is that the negative lead does not want to fully tighten on the negative battery terminal. Had to do a little squeeze modification, but I’m still not 100% happy with the results. Since the battery has a 2-year replacement guarantee, I may take the battery back to AutoZone and try a different one, unless there is some simple way to replace the lead itself.

Still need to get the clutch master cylinder replaced, and there is still a small leak from the transfer case, but all-in-all, I’m still quite pleased with the purchase. It’s really nice having something with some cargo space for hauling around the bikes.

Since my 39th birthday was on Friday, one of my gifts from Kim is a subscription to The Family Handyman magazine. The Trooper will be quite useful for hauling around all the stuff that Kim wants me to create … new planter boxes for an herb garden, amongst many other things.

Looking forward to the challenge, and the $50.00 giftcard to Home Depot will help get me the necessary power tools … now, do I want a handheld circular saw, or a table saw?