Cry Freedom

Ever want to just chuck it all to become a bicycle courier? Messenger bag slung across your back, mobile phone or radio strapped to your chest, Kryptonite lock at the ready, dashing in and out of traffic, out in the fresh air riding your bike all day … and for money?

Read one woman’s experience, entitled A Coder in Courierland, excerpted below:

Once upon a time, I was a coder not unlike yourself. My day consisted of coffee, perl and java hacking, meetings, and e-mail. I had a cubicle with fluorescent lighting, my own bookshelf and two computers. And I traded it all in.

Even before Office Space, white collar workers peered out the window (if they were so lucky) and imagined a more romantic life doing real work out under the sun.

Well, having no children, no great career ambition and no financial obligations more pressing than a crippling student loan, a year and a half ago, I decided to live this dream.

I became a bicycle messenger and now I’m here to report back.