Cycling Trooper Tales

The Isuzu Saga Continues

So yesterday the Trooper was in the shop (Tunex, not the Isuzu dealership) again, although I think this is it for awhile. I had to have the high-pressure power steering hose replaced, and there was a small leak from the transfer case.

The Tunex mechanic didn’t actually fix the transfer case leak, as it’s coming from the gearbox assembly, but he told me that it wasn’t a critical problem, just a complicated procedure to replace a 50-cent seal. So I’ll wait a couple months to get this one fixed.

I think I’ll be able to handle the remaining repairs. I’m missing one of the pieces of fender flare on the right rear door. One of the rear doors is missing a couple bolts, and a number of the other screws throughout the vehicle are a little rusty and corroded; probably from all the orange soda stains that I just cleaned out of all the seats from the previous owners and/or their children. I should be able to get replacements from the Isuzu dealership, if I can’t figure out what size the individual bolts are.

Could not believe how nasty the carpeting and seats were; but our Bissell Little Green Machine did wonders in getting the goop out. The Trooper still needs some work, but it’s clean, inside and out, and has no major mechanical problems. Isuzu built SUVs to last!

So let’s run down the various repairs thus far. The windshield has been replaced. I’ve got four new tires, three new window regulators and one new door window. New air and oil filters. New timing belt. New power steering hose. Waiting for a replacement switch for the alarm system to arrive. Need something to cover the hole in the overhead upholstery where the DVD monitor was removed by the previous owners.

Still, not too bad for an 10-year old SUV with 132,638 miles.

Step by step. Little by little. Not sure what’s next, though. Grill Guard? Lift Kit? New key cores for the Thule rack on the roof? New key cores for the ignition and doors? Bike mounts for the Thule rack? Ditch the Thule roof rack for a Thule or Yakima spare-tire mount rack? Does anyone know where I can get a workshop manual for a 1995 Isuzu Truck Trooper (4 Door) V6-3165cc, 3.2L SOHC (6VD1), 4WD, 5-speed manual transmission?

Or maybe I’ll just get a new cyclocross bike.