VeloNews: The Handmade Alternative

As many people are aware, I’m into the handmade bicycle thing. I like knowing that the name on the downtubes of my bikes is the name of the person who built them.

The guys over at VeloNews just published their annual Buyer’s Guide. The print version is woefully inadequate when it comes to showcasing the one-man or small-production shops. The online version of the article does a much better job.

Richard Sachs is my favorite builder on the list. The fact that he is a web client has nothing to do with that … I started doing his website because of the immense amount of respect I have for what he has been able to accomplish over the past 30+ years of framebuilding.

Ron Cooper is not on the VeloNews list, but I can’t think of any current builder who has been doing it as long as Ron. Ron started building frames in 1946 as an apprentice at A.S. Gillott in S.E. London. He’s still going strong today, nearly 60 years later.